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aallstar316's Journal

28 February 1979
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I'm new here

The above was only put there to see if I really liked LJ. After 7 years here. I think I will stick around for awhile. I'm a very loving guy who has a big heart and only wants the best for all people. I have some great friends on here and always looking for new ones. I have one friend that I adore with all my heart and she is very special to me. She is the best thing that has come into my life and that will never change. Thank you for making me smile. :)

I have 2 theme posts each week.
Tuesday: music Tuesday's!!! I do 3 songs. 2 random ones and the final one is always a George Michael song. He is the best in my eyes.
Sunday: Is either my favorite movie or TV show.

I'm looking for new themes for the rest of the week. PM if you have any ideas. :)

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