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What a year this has been for me. As there should be ups and downs. But have had friends help me through it. I can't wait for next year to happen. It is going to be epic.

I will be back on LJ next year with regular updates. I think that will be good for me. Also have to thank all my friends here. Both unfaux and Nims thank you for being thee for me. I love you both.

Be safe tonight and I will see you next year!!!
Hello everyone here on LJ

Looks like LJ is working now. I had a great Christmas this year. I got some good loot. It was also a great day. Today on the other hand has been much worse. I'm sick. I talked with my parents and they too are sick. I'm not looking forward to the next day or so. Onto the numbers for this past week. For Lj messages I got 4 from some people. Plus saw one person update there journal for the first time in over 18 months I think. For my dear friend she sent 1. Much better than last week! *giggles* For emails it was much higher. But we got to do our Christmas opening at the beginning of the week and we each got some great gifts. She sent 72 messages. Close to a record.

I promise to be back later this week.


I was wondering what GM was doing this past month. He had been silent from his twitter page. Which at times can be very entertaining in his own way. After watching the video I'm glad he is doing well and I can't wait for him to get back out on tour next year. Merry Christmas GM!!!

Happy holiday's to all and happy new year!


Good evening my lovers,

So much for posting each day last week. Maybe this week will be better. I'm trying. But been on another site and doing other things. But it has been a good break. Most hits last week was heavy D. Nice. Anyway back here for a bit. For reply's this week my wonderful friend had zero. For others we had 9. For emails another good week and entertaining chat. She sent 62. Already off to a strong start today. Going to be crazy emails at the beginning of the week.

Happy holiday's to all!!


Oh hi again my lovers,

Hope your week is going swell. I know I have posted this video at least 3-4 times. But I had to do it again. Can you believe it this was Janelle 5 years ago on BB. Well just the other day she welcomed her first child. A baby girl. Enjoy. Oh I miss Howie too. Such a dream.


I'm back!!!! Wow Youtube has changed. *lol*

I wanted to do this a long time ago. About a month ago. But here is my small tribute to Heavy D. Who passed away last month.


Good evening lovers,

Hope everyone had a good week. I know I said I would be back. Well that hasn't happened. I think It will this week. We will seee. Been on another site. Plus enjoying my break from here. To the notes for the week. For LJ reply's there was 4 from others and also 4 from my dear friend. For emails we had a great week of fun. We talked a lot. She sent 73 messages. See you tomorrow!


Good afternoon lovers,

Only here for a little bit today. With all the Dss attacks this past week. It has taken me away. But I do want to start posting again. Hopefully I will tomorrow. I have a lot of music plans in the works. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post more. Plus I'm working on a story. Onto the numbers. For LJ reply's my dear friend made 3 and for others it was 4. For email messages there was 64. Pretty good. I can't wait for the coming week. It is going to be great. Have a great week!


Another month as came to and end. It was a good month and this coming month is going to be wonderful. Because it is Christmas!!!!!!! Oh how I can not wait for it. Lots of presents will be exchanged. I suposed I should start shopping soon. That might be a good idea. Well here is the stats for the month! Any changes at the top? *lol*

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Hello everyone. Not much time today. I have been working hard all day today. I know there is plenty of day left. But been on the go for most of the day. Onto the numbers for the week. For LJ. My dear friend responded to two messages. While the rest was 10. Thank you to both my darlings for the comments. Yes the next story is in the works. For messages we had a great week and she kept me happy during the week. Even on Thanksgiving. She sent 58 amazing emails. :)